Eyad Web Development For Technical Services

Our company is a technical company providing all services related to software solutions such as design and programming of websites, design of web applications, electronic stores and marketing services such as developing solutions and marketing plans that ensure you access your product or service to the largest number of people at the lowest possible cost and design services of visual identities, In addition to system and data analysis services.


Business depends on plans

Our company provides e-marketing services to provide you with access to your services or products to the largest number of target audiences of advertising through marketing plans that are agreed with the client.
We provide you marketing services of all kinds through social networking sites such as FACEBOOK , YOUTUBE , INSTAGRAM ,TWITTER .
and through Google advertising platforms such as GOOGLE ADWORDS GOOGLE ADSENCE .

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Desktop Applications

Today's desktop applications are of great importance to newly emerging businesses or enterprises.
We offer desktop design services with the latest technologies and software tools

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Web Design and Development

Professional web design is the goal of the company when designing and programming websites.
We provide web design service in our company with the latest technologies and technical methods in web design. We create a website suitable for search engines, all web browsers and mobile devices, Tablets, iPhones and others in line with global standards in the design and programming of websites Good planning is the basis for the success of any website and therefore we are keen to draw a strategic plan for the site according to the nature of the site and the activity and nature of visitors and customers of the site.

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Mobile Applications

Our company offers mobile application programming service in a professional, creative and compatible with all mobile phones.
You need to apply to your site to achieve a wider spread between your customers and your visitors in an age where the use of mobile phones greatly.
Mobile browsing through the application has become faster and smoother than using the browser.
Our company provides high-quality application programming that ensures a high-quality application that will ensure your site's spread and user confidence.
You will get a powerful and effective application like the rest of the applications that you install on your mobile.
With the spread of modern technology, mobile and tablet users are increasing.
The mobile application for websites has become an urgent necessity for webmasters to ensure smooth access for customers and visitors.

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Graphic Design

Our artwork and bridge to communicate with the consumer! Every design we work on is a combination of art, practice planning and crystallizing ideas within visual content and innovative script. We start with you design journey from start to finish, and put in your hands a range of design options and ideas that support it. Graphic designers in the digital cloud are using the latest design tools to produce a variety of fixed, moving, paper and electronic design services.
These include:

  1. Business cards and official corporate papers
  2. Business brochures and technical manuals
  3. Designs for digital marketing
  4. Press designs for magazines
  5. Business Presentations
  6. Promotional materials
  7. Advertising designs
  8. Invitation Cards
  9. Design of logos
  10. Infographics

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